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Texas Commercial Driver's License
Texas Commercial Driver's License

Looking to earn your school bus endorsement? A good way to prepare to pass that exam is by taking our Free Texas CDL School Bus Practice Test. Here’s what we’ve done: we studied the Texas CDL Handbook, which is used to generate the actual endorsement test, and written 25 questions that we believe cover the topics that will be tested for on the exam, such as loading and unloading passengers, safety guidelines, driving, braking, backing up, stopping, signaling and more. We have then presented these questions in the same format that you will find on the actual test, which is multiple choice. Each question has four possible answers and you need to select the right one. If you do that at least 20 times you will earn a passing score on this practice test. If you don’t, you can take the test again and again until you do.

What should you do if a railroad crossing signal is malfunctioning? When properly adjusted the outside left and right side convex mirrors will allow you to see what? You’ll have the opportunity to answer questions like this on the practice test. Each question comes with an answer explanation to help you better understand why a particular answer is correct. Earning your school bus endorsement will allow you to start driving a school bus and transporting students, which is a job that carries a great deal of responsibility. Make sure you understand the safe operation of a school bu by taking our practice test.