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Official RI Passenger Vehicles: What to Expect
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Rhode Island Commercial Driver's License
Rhode Island Commercial Driver's License

Getting ready for the passenger vehicles endorsement exam? Let us help. We have created a free Rhode Island CDL Passenger Vehicles Practice Test that will thoroughly test your knowledge of this important subject area. Having sufficient knowledge will allow you to earn your endorsement, which is the quickest way to begin driving passenger vehicles such as buses and other commercial vehicles that carry 16 passengers or more. Our practice test contains 20 multiple choice questions that were written by our experts based on the content of the Rhode Island CDL Handbook. Our experts believe these are the questions you will most likely see on that exam when you sit for it. Here are a couple of sample questions that are similar to the ones you will see on our practice test: is the posted speed on a curve safe for buses? If you choose to discharge an unruly passenger you should choose a location that is what?

A passing score for our practice test requires you to answer at least 16 of the questions correctly. If you don’t pass, don’t worry you can take the test again and again and again. The amount of times you can take it is unlimited. We have also included answer explanations and a progress tracker to help you study. Understanding the content of this test is crucial to you passing your passenger vehicles endorsement test. So don’t delay, take this challenging practice test now.