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Official OR Combination Vehicles: What to Expect
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Oregon Commercial Driver's License
Oregon Commercial Driver's License

Looking to qualify to drive combination vehicles? Take our free Oregon CDL Combination Vehicles Practice Test to see if you are ready to pass the state endorsement exam. Our practice test is just like the real thing. It is formatted like the actual test and contains similar content drawn from the Oregon CDL Handbook. It’s the ultimate test preparation tool so that you can earn your endorsement and begin driving combination vehicles like double-wides and triple-wides. This endorsement could expand your driving possibilities and allow you to qualify for higher paying assignments.

Our practice test features 20 questions similar to these: What happens if you cross your air lines on a new trailer with spring brakes? What is controlled by the foot brake? Questions are multiple choice and cover a variety of important topics like braking systems, jackknives, skids, inspections, safe driving and more. You need to get a score of 80% or higher to pass this practice test – however, you can take it multiple times to earn that passing score. We have also included answer explanations for your benefit. Ready to answer sample questions similar to the real test questions and to identify any topics where you need more practice or review? This practice test provides extra instruction for the written exam and allows you to see what the state combination vehicles endorsement test is like before you take it. That could save you from taking a wasted visited to the DMV. Get prepared to earn your endorsement. Take this practice test today.