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Official OR Air Brakes: What to Expect
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Oregon Commercial Driver's License
Oregon Commercial Driver's License

How well do you know air brakes? Take our free Oregon CDL Air Brakes Practice Test and find out. Modeled after the actual state air brakes endorsement test, our practice test will help you determine if you are ready to pass the endorsement exam or if there are specific topics you need to study more. Earning your air brakes endorsement will remove the air brakes restriction from your CDL and allow you to begin driving trucks with air brakes, which could increase your driving assignments and your income. Our air brakes practice test features 25 multiple choice questions like these: What types of commercial vehicles must be equipped with emergency brakes and parking brakes? The emergency brake system uses parts of what other braking systems to stop a vehicle in a brake system failure?

You need to answer at least 20 of the questions correctly in order to pass this practice test. If you do not pass, or you just want to further improve your knowledge level, you can take this practice test again. There are no limits to the number of times you can take it. The test also boasts other features to enhance your studying, such as answer explanations and a progress tracker. This practice test is a great way to preview topics from the Oregon CDL manual that may show up on the written test, boost your confidence and eliminate some of your pre-test jitters. Take the test now.