NV CDL Practice Tests

General Knowledge (50 questions)

HazMat (30 questions)

Passenger Vehicles (20 questions)

School Bus (20 questions)

Air Brakes (25 questions)

Combination Vehicles (25 questions)

Double/Triple Trailers (20 questions)

Tanker Vehicles (30 questions)

Pre-Trip Inspection (9 questions)

Nevada’s large industries of gaming, entertainment, cattle ranching, mining, and agriculture draw vast amounts of money. The Silver State requires large numbers of truckers to transport goods, and firms are always hiring. Trucking jobs are often available from short to long distance, with the choice of unique or routine routes. Truckers in the Battle Born State most often find themselves driving East to West (Reno) on Route 80, and Route 15 through Las Vegas. Before you can begin driving these routes as a commercial truck driver, you must first demonstrate you understand how to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) by passing a series of written and skills tests. Prepare for the written knowledge with our powerful Nevada CDL practice tests. Designed to simulate the real exam, you will find that the tests have been carefully crafted to not only use the same multiple-choice format but cover the very same topics. Alleviate your pre-test anxiety, quickly discover your strengths and weaknesses, and start preparing for your new career. Start a practice test now.

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