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Official MI School Bus: What to Expect
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Michigan Commercial Driver's License
Michigan Commercial Driver's License

Plan on operating a school bus in Michigan? You will need to pass the CDL School Bus Test and we can help! With our Michigan CDL School Bus Practice Test, you will get the chance to answer 25 questions that were created using the official Michigan CDL Handbook. These multiple-choice questions are just like the ones found on the actual exam! You will need an 80% to pass and each question comes with a detailed overview of the material.

Do you know all the rules and regulations for driving a school bus? You will be tested on loading and unloading students, emergency exits and procedures, proper signal usage and driving laws. Why not test your knowledge before you take the exam? Don’t risk having to take the exam more than once. Try the Michigan CDL School Bus Practice Test and you will be one step closer to achieving your school bus endorsement!