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Official MI Pre-Trip Inspection: What to Expect
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Michigan Commercial Driver's License
Michigan Commercial Driver's License

Are you prepped to pass the CDL pre-trip inspection endorsement test? This essential test ensures that you can safely inspect your rig prior to a haul. Take the speculation out of what will be on the exam and take our Free Michigan CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Practice Test. Using the official Michigan CDL Handbook, we created 30 questions that are just like the ones on the actual pre-trip inspection endorsement test in Michigan. If you can pass our test with a score of 80% or higher, you’ll know that you are equipped for the real thing! Don’t worry if you get some questions incorrect; each question comes with a detailed explanation of the material.

Do you want to delay receiving your CDL pre-trip inspection endorsement? Why take the test multiple times when you can pass on the first try? Our Free Michigan CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Practice Test will prepare you to pass and leave the DMV with your endorsement. Take our test today!!