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Maine Commercial Driver's License
Maine Commercial Driver's License

Are you prepared to safely transport school-aged children on a daily basis? There come additional safety and procedural challenges that you need to be aware of. Those areas will be covered on the CDL school bus endorsement exam. If you would like to run through the test before you pay the registration fee, then take our Free Maine CDL School Bus Practice Test! We ask 25 multiple-choice questions on the same topics that the DMV exam will. You should expect to answer questions about school bus operation, emergency preparedness, Maine traffic laws, and checking your vehicle. We used the same source as the real exam to create lure questions so that all of the information is accurate and relevant to you! If you can score an 80% or above, then you pass!

Driving a school bus comes with a high amount of responsibility. If you want to be sure that you are ready to take and pass the DMV exam, try our Free Maine CDL School Bus Practice Test today!