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Maine Commercial Driver's License
Maine Commercial Driver's License

Before visiting the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles and taking your CDL test, assess your current commercial truck driving knowledge with the ME CDL General Knowledge Practice Test Simulator. This test, which is the second in our General Knowledge series, features 50 multiple choice questions like these: How often must you stop while on the road to check your cargo? How should you brake when you drive a tractor-trailer combination with ABS?

A passing score on this practice test is 80% or higher. To help you with our study efforts this test contains a number of beneficial features including a progress tracker, a Missed Questions Bank and a detailed, correct answer explanation for each question. The test’s questions are drawn from the information found in the Maine CDL manual, which is the same resource used to create questions you’ll encounter on the actual CDL exam. Prepare with the most relevant and powerful practice tests available.

In other words, this practice test is excellent preparation for the real thing and can help you identify and strengthen any weak areas. If you are ready to pursue your dream of being a commercial driver in the Pine Tree State, taking this practice step is an excellent first step. Get started now.