KY CDL Practice Tests

Based on the KY 2023 CDL Manual

General Knowledge (150 questions)

HazMat (30 questions)

Passenger Vehicles (20 questions)

School Bus (20 questions)

Air Brakes (25 questions)

Combination Vehicles (24 questions)

Double/Triple Trailers (20 questions)

Tanker Vehicles (30 questions)

Pre-Trip Inspection (9 questions)

Kentucky is known to this day for its agriculture production. However, as Kentuckians know, the Bluegrass State has ventured into many other industries, including automobile manufacturing and fuel production. All of this expansion and growth is great for commercial truckers, because their skills and expertise are in constant demand and are highly compensated for! Truckers in Kentucky will often use Route 64 through Lexington and Frankfort, as well as Route 69 on the West end of the state. But before you can get started in this lucrative career, you first need a CDL. A CDL is your license to drive commercial trucks. The CDL test is difficult, but you can use our Kentucky CDL practice tests (based on the official state CDL manual) to prepare in advance. Show up for your test confident and ready for the road. Take a practice test now and begin your journey towards a career in commercial trucking today.

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