CDL Endorsements – Which Ones Are Right for You

CDL Endorsements - Which Ones Are Right for You

Ok, so you’ve obtained your CDL Class A, B or C, it’s time to get a job. Depending on what you want to do, you may require additional CDL endorsements.

Obtaining an endorsement means you’ve passed additional tests for specific kinds of vehicles. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different endorsement codes you’re likely to encounter and the types of testing they involve.

  • H: Passing the written test for this endorsement allows you to drive vehicles that carry hazardous materials.
  • N: Pass a written test to obtain this endorsement and operate tankers.
  • P: Passing the P endorsement’s written and road-skills tests makes you eligible to operate passenger vehicles.
  • S: This school-bus endorsement includes written knowledge tests, road-skills tests, background checks and various applications.
  • T: This double-and-triple trailer endorsement requires a knowledge test.
  • X: This endorsement applies to HAZMAT and tank vehicles. You must pass a written knowledge test to obtain it.

So Which CDL Endorsements Do I Need

Obtaining CDL endorsements may seem like it takes a lot of effort. As countless professional truckers have demonstrated, however, there are many advantages to sticking it out. Put in the hard work, and you’ll definitely be rewarded with additional opportunities not available to those who decided not to put in the extra effort.

The majority of endorsements are fairly easy and inexpensive to get although the HAZMAT does require a bit more work, endorsements for the most part are a simple written test and few dollars away.  Why not give yourself the best possible options for advancement by pursuing all the endorsements available.  Not only will you open the door to more job opportunities but higher paying ones as well.