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California Commercial Driver's License
California Commercial Driver's License

By federal law, how regularly must employees involved in transporting hazardous materials be tested? If you don’t know the answer, you may want to test your knowledge before taking the CDL HazMat endorsement test. With our Free California CDL HazMat Practice Test, you will get a first look at what to expect on the DMV test. We created a 30-question test that is the closest experience you will get to the real exam without paying to take it. By using the official California CDL Handbook as a guide, we ensured that our test covers the same topics as the DMV exam. If you can score an 80% or above on our test, you will be ready to take your endorsement exam.

Take the extra time to prepare for your CDL endorsement by testing your knowledge beforehand. Try our Free California CDL HazMat Practice Test and leave the DMV with your endorsement on the first try!