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California Commercial Driver's License
California Commercial Driver's License

The journey to earning your CDL starts with good test prep – and that’s precisely what you’ll find here. Our CA CDL General Knowledge Test Simulator has been designed to simulate the real exam. The practice test features 50 questions from a large pool of questions. Each question is drawn from the information found in the official California CDL Manual, which is the same resource that test authors use to create questions for the actual CDL exam. You’ll find practice questions on such vital general knowledge subjects as vehicle control, space management, distracted driving, dealing with driver fatigue and much more.

What are some tips to follow so you won’t become a distracted driver? What factors determine your selection of a “safe” speed when going down a long, steep downgrade? These are examples of the types of questions that you’ll find on this practice test. This test, the second in our California CDL practice test series, also contains a missed question bank, detailed answer explanations and can be taken an unlimited number of times to ensure you get the score you are looking for.

From the Pacific Coast Highway to the streets of San Francisco, California is filled with roads that will challenge the knowledge and skills of commercial drivers. Ensure you have what it takes to drive safely and to earn your CDL by taking our practice test now.