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Alabama Commercial Driver's License
Alabama Commercial Driver's License

Need a little help preparing for your Alabama CDL test? Whether you are applying for your Class A, B, or C license, the CDL General Knowledge Practice Test will help you pass! With a total of 50 multiple choice questions, the Alabama CDL General Knowledge Practice Test covers the very same topics that you will see on the real CDL test including trucking laws, vehicle inspection, and basic commercial vehicle operation. You will need score a minimum of 80% to pass this test but don’t worry, with unlimited attempts you can always retake the test until you improve your score.  No one wants to take the same exam twice. With this practice test, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance to ace the test.

The test questions are based on the same source as the real exam so be confident knowing you are studying with the most relevant study material available.  Having trouble with a particular topic?  No problem!
Each question includes a detailed explanation to help you master the subject matter. Be fully prepared for test day and don’t leave the DPS office empty handed! Take the Alabama CDL General Knowledge Practice Test now and you’ll be one step closer to a rewarding career in trucking.